Serving 40 districts and 160 schools in Indiana
Wabash Valley Education Center serves 40 districts and 160 schools in North Central Indiana.

PD Pop Recording: ~*Notice and Note: Teaching Close Reading Strategies to Build Independent Readers (2-8) - Presented by Jody Peterson


Learn more about the 6 signposts in the book Notice and Note by Kyleen Beers and Robert Probst and how to use them in your classroom. This session will introduce you to how to use picture books to teach the signposts and add rigor during your instruction. When students learn how to use these 6 signposts, they begin to take notice of what they read and begin to read more closely. They begin to analyze the text and question what they read. Teaching these 6 signposts will encourage your students to analyze the text more independently. THIS IS A RECORDING ONLY AND WILL BE SENT TO YOU AT 7:30 AM ON FEBRUARY 22.


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