Serving 40 districts and 160 schools in Indiana
Wabash Valley Education Center serves 40 districts and 160 schools in North Central Indiana.

In-District Support

The mission of Wabash Valley Education Center is to support and serve Indiana educators in their efforts to transform teaching and learning.  Since each district has unique needs, we will work with you to build a customized plan centered around your goals and data.  Let’s also work together to determine the best mode of delivery: in-district, virtual, asynchronous, coaching, and/or PLCs!  WVEC provides relevant and practical instructional strategies that are easy to implement while improving student learning!


  • Curriculum: Mapping, alignment, assessment
  • Innovation, inquiry, and design
  • Instruction and high impact strategies
  • PLC development & implementation
  • Explicit Instruction lesson design
  • New Teacher development
  • Paraprofessional 


  • Asynchronous
  • Blended
  • Coaching/feedback sessions
  • Hybrid
  • In-district
  • PLCs 
  • Virtual

Contact Melissa for more information and planning!


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