Serving 40 districts and 160 schools in Indiana
Wabash Valley Education Center serves 40 districts and 160 schools in North Central Indiana.

*SIOP Train the Trainer Series - Cohort 2 - Presented by Lori North and Brenda Ward


SIOP consists of instructional features that cover eight aspects of lesson design and delivery: Lesson Preparation, Building Background, Comprehensible Input, Strategies, Interaction, Practice & Application, Lesson Delivery, and Review & Assessment. This training consists of 3 days of training over the summer. Once trained, trainers may train classroom teachers and other staff, as needed, in their buildings.

**Note:  This series will be held at Lafayette School Corporation's Hiatt Center located at 2300 Cason Street, Lafayette, IN. 47904.

This series will be held at the Hiatt Administration Building 
Hiatt Administration Building
Lafayette School Corporation
2300 Cason Street
Lafayette, IN. 47904


Next series events

The series of events starts on 06.17.2024 and ends on 06.19.2024.

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